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Neomalsore  aims to offer a genuine local experience with some of  the ingredients of the highlander’s life: the local peasant foods, accommodation in a traditional Kulla style house, farming, sailing through the canyons and hiking in our glorious mountains. Our mission is to bring guests closer to our local slow-life style, far away from urbanisation but closer to nature, without internet and electricity but with another kind of connection…Giving them an opportunity to re-connect and create stronger bonds with nature through what we do. Old houses, no toilets inside, not perfect-tidy rooms but a rare authentic experience! 

We are settled 153 km from Tirana and 75 km from Shkoder. For reaching us, prior reservation is needed so we can arrange a boat for you from Koman port to here. 

Please reach us through whatsapp for booking:) 

What Makes Us Special


The first and the only traditional house in the area available for hosting tourists.
Kulla style, stone made, two familiar rooms with a fantastic mountain and lake view. Each room with a capacity of 5 people for 100 € including breakfast.

Unique Local Food

Our area offers a unique culinary of peasant foods with a strong foundation on biodiversity, originality and sustainability; The malsor foods & old recipes inherited from our grandmothers and preserved with a lot of love and care. Not a fine dining but a real one :) As we cook slowly on fire the menu is fixed by our mother who is cooking everyday a variety of foods. 20 € per person lunch/dinner.

Boat Tours

Our boats run on schedule every day from May to October starting from Koman at 10:00 AM, sailing through canyons which are often compared to Norwegian fiords and offering beautiful scenic views. Returning to Koman 08:00 am / 15:30 pm. The cost within the schedule is 25€ round trip per person. Taxi boats are available anytime for 120  € one way per boat or 200  € both ways.

Hidden Gem Destinations

Explore one of the last virgin treasures of Europe. High mountains, pristine waters, scenic views, and historical villages that will take your breath away. Let yourself
be wondered by the spirits of nature :)

Kayaking tour

Rent a two seat inflated boat used as kayaks for 10€/hour and explore the mesmerising canyons and watch the surroundings by another perspective. If you stay three nights with us, this service is offered to you for half price.  

Anthropology Tour

Our mountains have a history of tribes, traditions and customs like no other. The idea is to visit local families who never or rarely ever moved to the town fast lives but enjoyed a full self sufficient living on their own. Most of the time it will feel like a time travel back at least one century ago. Homes where you can feel like home, tasting their homemade spirits, eating there authentic goods, talking life and history with them and getting a lot of reflections and wisdom at home with you. Getting to know their farming and gardening style, old tools and some of their techniques.  Advanced reservation through whatsapp is needed for this type of tour as they are mostly personalised but can be done also in small groups.  One to three people for  100€ , four to six people for 180€ .  


 If you are checking out our website now the chances that you love hiking are higher then 95%. We have some short hiking trails around our home with amazing views that you can follow or we can bring you by boat to follow some longer marked hiking trails.  The adventure has been looking forward to you! 

Swimming and sun bed relaxing

 What is better that swimming and relaxing at your own pace at a private beach with a full mountains view? We offer this and more! Take your time to get in and get out as the water varies from brrrr to awww. 

Feel the spirits of the water and listen to every single melody 

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Everything is so 'heimelig' (homely)!

Paula, Germany

 Excellent location, good food, clean room, super nice owners. It's hard to imagine better place to stay at Komani Lake.

Ewa, Poland

A hidden gem at Komani lake! MUST VISIT!!!

Maya, Denmark

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Nablin 1, Vau Dejes, Shkoder, Albania, Europe  | WhatsApp 00355682026374 

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